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Business Logo

Business Logo

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All custom logos are professionally done and is the face of your brand! Your logo represents you and your business. If you have any ideas of colors or prints you would like your logo to have please send them to me at

ALL Logos are sent on transparent background that you can use to place on your beautiful pictures and use as a watermark to protect your images. I also send your logo on a background you and I agree looks best with the logo for all other purposes. You'll be able to use this for all your marketing purposes [ if you'd like Thank you cards, care instructions, business cards and so on]


Please allow 1 Week to complete logo, I will be communicating with you along the way.

1st Step: Using your ideas, inspiration and feedback I will create 3/4 logos with your brand name - all different from simple to more complex. 

2nd Step: At this time you can give me feedback and ask to see different fonts on different options and so on - usually all aspects of the logos are customized [ colors and fonts can be changed with no problem] 

My goal will always be for you to LOVE your logo so I will try and try and try until we get it right. IF you happen to LOVE one of the first options sent then we will move on to the next step.

3rd Step: I will then send you your logo on 3/4 different backgrounds so you can choose which background your logo looks best on. This background will and should be used for all marketing purposes and across the board. If you decide to purchase any other files from me - this background will be used for all. 


- Custom Logo PNG File [transparent background]

- Custom Logo on Background FILE

- Background used that we agreed on.

DISCLAIMER: All files are purchased with commercial use and can be used anywhere. 

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